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Location:Nebraska, United States of America
Website:WarpedMinded at LJ
About Me

I don't take crap from people. Don't judge me, because you don't know me. And I also, I don't judge you. I have never judged a person, cause I know what problems it can cause. I am friendly, and a honest person.
Music for me. I think I like one or two songs from every artist, except rap, R&B, and hip hop. I don't go by artist, usually, I just go by what songs I like. I might like 1 song from one artist and 4 songs, or 10 songs from another. It is just different for me.

My Fandoms/Pairings

I love reading and writing m/m, and f/f stories. I have been reading fanfiction since I was in my teens, and I have never stopped.

TV Show Fandoms:
(BtVS) Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: | Spike/Xander, Spike/Angel, Angel/Xander, Angel/Doyle, Angel/Xander/Doyle/Spike, Wesley/Gunn, Wesley/Doyle, Willow/Tara, Buffy/Tara, Faith/Willow, Cordelia/(Win)Fred
(X:WP) Xena: Warrior Princess: | Xena/Gabrielle, Ares/Joxer, Autolycus/Joxer, Callisto/Xena, Callisto/Gabrielle, Aphrodite/Gabrielle
(SPN) Supernatural: | Dean/Castiel, Dean/Sam, Castiel/Sam, Dean/Castiel/Sam, Gabriel/Sam, 'Blonde' Ruby/'Brunette' Meg, Ruby/Anna, Anna/Jo, Crowley/Bobby
(LotS) Legend of the Seeker: | Cara/Kahlan, Cara/Triana, Cara/Dahlia, Richard/young Zedd
OZ: | Beecher/Keller, Keller/Ryan O'Reily, Beecher/Ryan O'Reily
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit: | Stabler/Beecher(OZ)
2 Broke Girls: | Max/Caroline

Movie Fandoms:
(HP) Harry Potter: | Draco/Ron, Harry/Ron, Draco/Harry, Harry/Neville, Draco/Neville, Severus/Remus, Remus/Severus/Neville, Draco/Harry/Ron, Ginny/Luna, Hermione/Pansy, Lily/Narcissa
Brokeback Mountain: | Jack/Ennis
Jennifer's Body: | Jennifer/Needy, Colin/OMC
The Forsaken: | Nick/Sean
Joy Ride: | [( Fuller/Lewis)]
Inception: | Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Cobb
Nightmare on Elm Street: | Freddy/OMC
Fast and the Furious: | Brian/Dom, Jesse/Leon
Alien: Resurrection: | Ripley/Call
Sherlock Holmes: | Holmes/Watson
Resident Evil: | Alice/Claire

Slash Party Time
This website is for people who love to read slash, and femslash. There are different categories to post in. Harry Potter, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Movies, and more. People have already posted stories there.
There is also a roleplay category. Can find other people and roleplay there.
Meet other people who love slash just as much as you. Everyone is friendly and accepting. Come on over and join. We love newcomers!
This site is graphic, and can talk about anything, or any fandom.
We don't accept people who spam or flame other people's work, we don't tolerate it.
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